Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Department of physical therapy and rehabilitation; It aims to treat disabilities that occur for any reason or come with birth and negatively affect the person's life. In the department, different treatment methods are shaped according to modern medicine and combined with developing technology. Disorders such as herniated disc or cervical disc herniation, which first appear as low back pain, can be solved with physiotherapy. So, what is physiotherapy? It is the science of health that is responsible for maintaining and improving people's mobility, which will be necessary throughout their lives.

What is Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation offer services in different ways. Physical therapy aims to correct all kinds of function and movement problems in the person at the maximum level. Rehabilitation includes therapy approaches that make it easier to adapt to routine life after treatment. People who have any of the following reasons can apply to this section:

  • limitation of movement
  • Pain in the musculoskeletal system
  • speech disorders
  • long-term pain
  • Recent surgery

Diagnostic Methods Used in the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

The physical therapy and rehabilitation department uses various diagnostic methods. These methods:

  • Biochemical tests
  • Electrodiagnostic tools
  • radiological imaging

What Does the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Look at?

Functional disorders in the body are within the scope of this department. Service is provided for all health problems that cause impairment of functions such as speech. In this context, the following diseases are treated:

  • Arthritis
  • brain diseases
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • chronic pain
  • spinal cord injury

What are the procedures performed in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department?

This section contains unique procedures and examinations. During the examination of the patient, detailed information is obtained through tests specific to each region. In the treatment, physical therapies are used for diseases that do not require surgery. The actions taken in this regard are:

  • Intra-articular injection treatments
  • electrical stimulation
  • EMS
  • physical therapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • radiation therapy
  • dry needle procedure
  • medical pilates
  • Payment control
  • Schroth treatment for scoliosis
  • Ultrasound guided nerve block treatments

Therapies Applied in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department

Every treatment applied in the department is offered individually.

  • pain management
  • Acupuncture
  • injection therapy
  • manual therapy
  • Rehabilitation
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