This condition, which is called gonarthrosis in the medical literature, refers to knee calcification. “What is gonarthrosis?” To give a more comprehensive answer to the question; Gonarthrosis is a chronic and progressive degenerative disease of the cartilage tissue in the knee joint. Gonarthrosis leads to various difficulties for the patient in the everyday life. This problem occurs in several phases. In the initial stage, the cartilage tissue around and between the knee joint softens and wears away over time.

What are the Causes of Gonarthrosis?

The most important risk factor for gonarthrosis is genetics. In addition, infections, inflammatory diseases or systemic disorders can also be contributors. In addition, damage to the tissues forming the knee joint as a result of traumatic events such as impacts and falls can also facilitate the problem of calcification.

What Are the Symptoms of Gonarthrosis?

Symptoms of gonarthrosis become more severe with advancing age. At the same time, patients who are above the ideal weight may experience more pain and swelling problems due to the increased load on the knee joints. The symptoms are generally as follows:

  • Knee pain
  • Inability to walk for a long time
  • Inability to stand for a long time
  • Difficulty getting up and sitting down
  • Sound from the knee joints during movement
  • Edema formation around the knee joint

Diagnosis of Gonarthrosis

In patients who apply to a doctor with the complaint of knee pain, a definitive diagnosis can be made by using imaging techniques as well as physical examination. In this process, it may be necessary to evaluate the patient's health history in order to plan a qualified and correct treatment.

Gonarthrosis Treatment

Gonarthrosis treatment planning follows a detailed diagnotic process. Diagnosis is done by evaluating the character of the complaints and the severity of these complaints, as well as the stage of Gonarthrosis the patient is experiencing. Surgical and non-surgical treatment methods are available and will be chosen individually for each patient group. 

Non-Surgical Treatment Methods for Gonarthrosis

Treatment of gonarthrosis, especially in the initial stage is aimed at preventing its progression. In this process, in addition to providing pain control with various painkillers, it is aimed to strengthen the tissues forming the knee joint with physical therapy and gonarthrosis specific exercises. In recent years, different treatment methods can be applied as a result of scientific studies and technological developments. Among these methods, the most frequently applied treatments are PRP and Hyaluronic acid injections.

Surgical Treatment of Gonarthrosis

In the progressive gonarthrosis, the patient may experience limitation of movement and joint pain while at rest. This situation greatly impairs the patient's quality of life. For this reason, surgical treatment methods may be preferred in specific cases. Gonarthrosis surgery is based on the discipline of removing the deformed cartilage tissue that causes inflammation in the joint and replacing it with a specially designed knee prosthesis.

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