Gynecological oncology

Gynecological oncology

In our Gynecological Oncology Surgery department, we perform the surgical treatment of cancer diseases that occur in the reproductive system of women. We evaluate our patients diagnosed with cancer with a multidisciplinary approach and take care to make sure the patient receives the most appropriate treatment.

Cancer, which is increasing worldwide, is among the most common and life-threatening conditions after heart diseases. However, as a result of important developments in health technology, the rapid increase in cancer cases in the world also facilitates the early diagnosis of cancer. Among the most common cancers in women are genital cancers, especially breast cancer.

We follow the process meticulously, being aware of the fact that the right intervention provides early recovery with gynecological oncology doctors and state-of-the-art surgical techniques. In our Büyük Anadolu Hospitals Gynecological Oncology department;

  • Uterine cancer
  • Vulva cancer
  • Vaginal cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Tubal cancer
  • We treat gynecological cancers such as ovarian cancer with advanced techniques and methods.


Cancers present different symptoms according to the person, stage and type of the disease. These symptoms are generally as follows:

  • Menopausal women experiencing bleeding or discharge
  • Menstrual irregularities and bleeding outside the menstrual period
  • Having pain after sexual intercourse
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Itching and sores that do not go away in the vaginal area
  • Appetite problems

Being aware of the early diagnosis of cancer and the implementation of an effective treatment, we plan the whole process according to western standards.

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