Nutrition Guide in Summer

Nutrition Guide in Summer

In the summer months when mineral and fluid loss are experienced more frequently, special attention should be paid to nutrition. Because with the warming of the weather, the body temperature also rises, and while the body tries to adapt to this change, the metabolism works in a different way than normal. For this reason, healthy foods should be preferred, fluid intake should not be neglected, and meals should be balanced.

Studies show that the amount of food consumed is affected by seasonal temperature. According to this study, people generally eat less food when the weather is warmer. Although this helps to get rid of unwanted weight, food restrictions should be done in an educated manner. In contrast, when our body is exposed to less sunlight during the winter months, it needs more calories to store energy and keep us alive.

Breakfast should not be skipped

With the beginning of the summer months, there is often a change in nutrition due to the increasing temperature and humidity. For this reason, it is necessary to create a different diet plan that works for you. This is important for basal metabolism to adapt to air temperatures and seasonal changes. Especially in order to prevent fluid and mineral loss, 30 ml of liquid should be consumed per kilogram per day.

Breakfast, as always, is the most important meal of the summer months. However, instead of heavy fried foods for breakfast, lighter foods should be preferred. If vegetables are desired to be cooked, cooking methods such as boiling and steaming should be preferred.

Fruits and Vegetables are Important

Consuming up to 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day ensures that sufficient energy is stored. However, one should not go overboard with fruit consumption. Because the amount of sugar in the fruit can cause rapid weight gain. You can include variety of fruits while preparing a fruit plate. You can consume yogurt with fruits or combine fruit with milk to prepare light refreshing smoothie.

Dairy Products Should Be Preferred

In dessert preferences, milk based desserts or ice cream should be preferred instead of sherbet desserts. In the summer, it is important to take sugar from fruit instead of consuming sugary processed foods such as jam, honey and molasses for breakfast.

Control Your Portions

Following a healthy diet doesn't mean you have to completely remove your favorite foods from the plate. However, it is important not to overdo it.

Aim for a Healthy Plate

Balance your consumption of protein, carbohydrates, fats, fruits and vegetables. Ideally, 50% of the plate should be fruit and vegetables, and the remaining half should contain dairy, protein and a variety of grains.

Prefer Light and Healthy Meals

Sugary drinks can be tempting in a hot day. These sugary products can help regain energy, but they are not high in healthy nutrients. Natural sugar-containing water or fresh fruit juice may be a better option.

Avoid Trendy Diets

It may be tempting to try different diets, but do your research first. Read about the possible pros and cons of the diet. If possible, consult a dietitian or nutritionist to gain a better understanding of its effects on the body and the person's overall health.

Eat Regularly

Skipping meals, intermittent fasting, and cutting calories have different effects on different people. Therefore, it should be arranged in accordance with the lifestyle and the needs of the individual. For example, more active individuals should follow a diet high in protein and carbohydrates to build muscle and gain energy during workouts. In addition, individuals with a sedentary lifestyle can focus more on their micronutrient intake.

Exercise should not be neglected

An active life is important at all times. For this reason, it is necessary to take a walk or exercise in hot summer months. However, fluid intake should not be neglected in order to prevent mineral loss due to high temperatures. Especially for the fluid requirements that increase with sweating. Instead of carbonated and caffeinated drinks, dairy products such as ayran, milk or kefir should be consumed.

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