Hemorrhoids and Anorectal Diseases

Hemorrhoids and Anorectal Diseases

Every person may experience anorectal disease at some point in their life, these conditions can negatively affect the quality of life of the person. For this reason, complaints involving the anorectal region should be addressed to a proctology specialist. So, what are anorectal diseases? How are they treated?

What are Anorectal Diseases?

“What is anorectal?” It is one of the most frequently asked questions about the subject. Anorectal is a term related to the rectum and anus which are parts of the large intestine. So, what are anorectal diseases? Anorectal diseases are the general name of diseases that affect the rectum, which is 10-12 cm in length from the anus, also known as the large intestine and breech. The most common anorectal diseases are anal fistula, ingrown hair, anal fissure, anorectal abscess and hemorrhoidal diseases.

Which Department Specializes in Anorectal Diseases

Anorectal region is the part of the large intestine that is related to the anus and rectum. Anorectal diseases, cover the health problems that occur in these sections. Hospitals with proctology departments deal with anorectal diseases. Proctology; It is a branch of medicine that follows the structure and diseases of the anus, rectum and sigmoid colon. Many diseases, including anal region diseases, can be treated by proctologists.

Attention to Anorectal Diseases!

In particular, hemorrhoids, ingrown hairs in the coccyx and anal fissures should not be left untreated. The emergence of holes that do not heal around the anus, which we call anal fistula, and have intermittent discharge, accompanied by muscle problems in the anal region that cause stool and gas leakage and causing sagging in the vagina are conditions to watch out for. It should also be kept in mind that anal cancer can occur around or just inside the anus (breech).

Symptoms of Anorectal Diseases

If symptoms such as pain, bleeding, burning sensation, pressure, swelling, itching, constipation, discharge and hemorrhoids are seen in the anal area, you should definitely see a specialist. When you present with such complaints, the treatment method is determined according to your situation and a surgical procedure is recommended accordingly.

Diagnosis and Treatment Methods of Anorectal Diseases

In this field, advanced medical devices are used to diagnose different diseases. With these devices, the most accurate diagnosis is made and the necessary treatment process is planned in public and private hospitals with proctology departments. These diagnostic methods can be listed as anorectal ultrasonography, enema tests, defecography and other anorectal physiology tests.

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