Things to Know About Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Things to Know About Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy is a time of new experiences and excitements for every woman. Knowing what changes will occur in this period as the pregnancy progresses, and following the doctor's appointments and tests within a plan provides relief for the mother who is experiencing countless excitements during this period when the body also goes through many changes. Here's what you need to know about pregnancy calculator: 

Pregnancy Calculation Chart: How to Calculate Gestational Weeks? 

Pregnancy week calculation is calculated by knowing the last menstrual period date correctly. The calculation is counted as 280 days from the last menstrual period. As well as calculating the days with a high probability of getting pregnant, the expectant mother also wonders how many months old the baby is. In this way, the time spent by the baby in the womb and the growth are tracked on a week-by-week basis. For this reason, pregnancy calculation should be done clearly and pregnancy week follow-up should be facilitated. 

What is Pregnancy Calculator? 

Pregnancy week calculation is a calculation made by expectant mothers to know when to expect what. The last menstrual period is taken into account. The time of birth is also found by adding 280 days from the first day of the last menstrual period. However, it should be noted that this calculation will not give a clear date. Because birth can happen 1 week before or after due to some reasons. For the pregnancy calculation table, the menstrual period is taken as 28 days. However, if there is an irregularity in the menstrual cycle, the predictions may not give accurate results. 

What is Pregnancy Calculation Chart? 

During the first 2 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus prepares for pregnancy. From the 3rd week, the baby begins to form and the 3rd week of pregnancy is the 1st week of the baby's intrauterine life. Birth is generally between 39 and 41 weeks. If the birth occurs before 38 weeks, it is called premature birth, and if it occurs after 41 weeks, it is called late birth. Since these dates can be a little confusing, a pregnancy calculation sheet has been prepared to make it clearer. You can calculate your pregnancy month by month with this ruler. 

Weekly pregnancy calculation and monthly calculation chart are as follows: 












Stage (Trimester) 


How to Calculate Gestational Weeks? 

Pregnancy calculation is done by counting 280 days from the mother's last mensturation. This period corresponds to 40 weeks. 

What is Trimester? 

“How old is my baby?” If you are wondering, let's answer this question by explaining the trimester period. Trimester is every 3-month period of the 9-month period of pregnancy. Thanks to this period, the development of the baby is clearly understood. 

First Trimester 

“How many months pregnant am I?” For mothers who are wondering, the first trimester is the first 3 months of pregnancy. This period, which can also be called 0-13 weeks, is the period when the baby's organs, muscles and bones are formed. The baby, who has become a fetus, now develops arms and legs, spinal cord, head, heart and kidneys. In this period, the back, spine and head take their ideal shape in a short time, the back becomes straight and the neck becomes prominent. When the limbs develop together with the organs in this period, the fingers are formed. During this period, the baby's facial features also appear. The separate eyes unite and the inner structure of the ear is formed. The baby's umbilical cord carries blood, oxygen and nutrients to nourish the baby. At the end of this period, the baby reaches the size of a lemon and is 7-8 cm. 

Second Trimester 

In this period, the body has become accustomed to pregnancy and this period begins with the end of the 14th week. In the second trimester, which continues until the 27th week, the baby's organs continue to develop. In addition, the baby's eyes are in their ideal place and eyelids are formed. During this period, the baby's skin is protected by providing heat balance. The baby with pink skin begins to grow fine hairs and the fat layer increases as the baby gains weight. During this period, with the development of the baby's lungs, the genitals also become evident. In this process, eyebrows, hair, nails, hand and footprints continue to form. The baby is 37-38 cm tall and weighs 900 grams in this period. 

Third Trimester 

The third trimester starts from the 28th week and continues until the 40th week. The last period of pregnancy is the third trimester and the baby reaches its ideal weight. During this period, the baby also gains the sucking reflex and the baby has strong movements. During this period, the baby's brain cells continue to form, and on the other hand, the brain and nervous system develop. At the end of this period, the baby is the size of a watermelon, 51-52 cm tall and weighs 3500 grams. 

Week by Week Pregnancy Calculator 

Pregnancy week is divided into pregnancy and ovulation week. Pregnancy week and ovulation period calculation is counted as the first week of the menstrual period 2 weeks before the pregnancy occurs. Pregnancy is evaluated by doctors based on this week. For this reason, the week-by-week pregnancy calculation is made according to the last menstrual period. For this calculation, subtract the date of the last period at your current time and divide the result by 7. Thus, you reach the week of pregnancy. 

Month by Month Pregnancy Calculator 

“How many weeks pregnant am I?” If you are wondering, you should know that pregnancy lasts for an average of 10 months. Since each month is calculated as 28 days, pregnancy corresponds to 280 days. Month by month pregnancy calculation is based on the last menstrual period. 

Pregnancy Calculator by Menstrual Day 

“How many weeks pregnant am I?” If you are wondering, you should know that the delay of the menstrual period affects this situation. When you experience such a situation, you can calculate by starting the first day of the last menstrual period. You can also use this method to determine how many weeks old the baby is. 

How to Calculate Pregnancy Based on the Date of Intercourse? 

Pregnancy calculation by date of relationship is also among the curious ones. The general belief is that pregnancy begins on the date of intercourse. However, the onset of pregnancy should be determined by taking into account the first day of the last menstrual period. Because the sperm remains active for 4-5 days after intercourse, and the egg can also be active for 24 hours. Therefore, the date of pregnancy cannot be determined clearly. 

Is Pregnancy Calculation by Week Reliable? 

Detailed pregnancy calculation is based on gestational week and this is a standard method applied worldwide and provides the most accurate date. 

Chinese Calendar Pregnancy Calculator 

The Chinese calendar is one of the methods applied for pregnancy calculation. This calendar consists of animal names and presents a 12-year cycle and repeats 5 times. Under normal circumstances, the 18th week of pregnancy is expected to determine the sex of the baby. However, expectant mothers and fathers who want to know this earlier can guess using the Chinese calendar. In order to calculate according to this calendar, the starting month of pregnancy and the age of the woman should be known. The gender of the baby is determined by the intersection of the beginning month of pregnancy and the age of the woman. However, for this calculation, it is important that the expectant mother is between the ages of 18-45. In this calculation, the operation starts from 1, not 0, and therefore 1 must be added to the woman's age. The gender determination made according to this calendar is only based on Chinese belief and has no medical validity. 

IVF Pregnancy Calculator 

“How to calculate pregnancy for IVF?” The question is also among those that are frequently asked. In the pregnancy calculation method in IVF, the day that the embryo is transferred is the 2nd week of pregnancy. Because the fertilization of the egg and sperm takes place within 2 weeks. In addition, the date of placement of the embryo in the mother's womb is known and 266 days are expected for delivery. 

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