Büyük Anadolu Meydan Hastanesi

Büyük Anadolu Meydan Hastanesi

It is a very meaningful and correct approach for our people to see a healthy life ahead of everything, with the phrase "Health comes first". Taking this matter into consideration, we said, “Confidence in health!” We made our first investment in health in 1997, adopting the motto as a principle. This investment was the first private hospital of Samsun in terms of private health services.

Our hospital, which has become the first choice of the people of Samsun thanks to the services it has provided in 26 years, has reached a position that provides approximately 150,000 polyclinic services per year. In order to meet this increasing demand of our group, in 2008, with the strength and confidence of the people of Samsun, it opened its second hospital equipped with the latest technology, and in the quality of a 5-star hotel.

To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in our hospitals, to solve all health problems of those who apply to our hospital as soon as possible and reliably, to meet all relevant legal requirements, to be the most respected and reliable hospital in our region, to provide health services with our friendly and talented team who are honored to be the staff of Büyük Anadolu Hospitals. Our indispensable goals are to give value to the environment, to follow the developments in science and technology closely, to provide a participatory management by valuing the employees, to use resources in the most efficient and effective way, to respect the environment by making environmental impact assessments and to make continuous improvements.

Responsibility in the developing and growing health sector has become more and more. We are aware of our responsibilities as Büyük Anadolu Hospitals, which has gained an academic identity due to our operating in the private hospital sector for many years. As in the past, we are working non-stop for 24 hours to be the first address of peace and trust in the future. Everything is for a happier and healthier Samsun…

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