Frequently Asked Quetions


The questionnaire that can be applied to detect sleep apnea is as follows:

  1. Have you been told that you snore?
  2. Do you notice that you snore?
  3. Have you been told that you stop breathing when you snore?
  4. Do you wake up out of breath from your sleep?
  5. Do you have the problem of sweating at night?
  6. Is the sweating especially on your head, neck and chest?
  7. Do you often get up to go to the toilet at night?
  8. Do you feel uncomfortable with a burning sensation in your stomach at night?
  9. Are you tired in the morning?
  10. Do you have a feeling of heaviness in your head in the morning?
  11. Do you have a headache in the morning?
  12. Do you experience dry mouth in the morning?
  13. Do you feel tired during the day?
  14. Do you experience drowsiness when you are idle during the day?
  15. Do you have a napping situation at noon?
  16. Do you fall asleep in front of the TV in the evening?
  17. Do you fall asleep during the trip?
  18. Do you fall asleep at work?
  19. Do you fall asleep while talking to someone?
  20. Do you feel sleepy while driving?
  21. Do you experience forgetfulness?
  22. Do you experience inattention?
  23. Do you get angry easily?

If the majority of the answers to the test questions are "Yes", then the Sleep Disorders Outpatient Clinic should be consulted.

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