• Update Date: 07-06-2023

Op. Dr. İbrahim AKKURT

  • Hospital

    Büyük Anadolu Meydan Hastanesi

  • Expertise

    Brain, Spinal Cord and Nerve Surgeon Specialist

  • Academic Title

    Op. Dr.

  • Areas of Expertise
    • Neurology and Neurosurgery
Areas Of Expertise

Microsurgical Lumbar and Neck Hernia Treatment,

Scoliosis Surgery and Treatment Brain and Spine Tumours,

Spine Fracture Treatment,

Spinal Canal Stenosis Surgery

Lumbar Slip Surgery and Treatmenttions


Ordu State Hospital

Kirikkale University Hospital

Yozgat City Hospital

Kayseri Private Medical Palace Hospital


Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine

Kırıkkale University Medical Faculty Specialisation

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