Patient Visiting Instructions

Please do not forget that the following rules are important for the health of your acquaintances, other visitors and you, and that your relative will return to you more quickly by following these rules.

  • Patient visits can be made every day between 13.00-14.00, 16.00-17.00, and 20.00-21.00.
  • There is no visit application to the Intensive Care Units of our hospital. They may have their own custom visit policies. Compliance with this is mandatory.
  • Patient visits are limited to 2 people at a time, which is of great importance for the patient's health.
  • Please do not bring live flowers to our patients due to the risk of allergies.
  • All kinds of food needs determined by the treatment program for our patients are met by us. Each patient has dietary and food restrictions specific to their health. Foods to be brought from outside may cause disruptions in the treatment program. For this reason, bringing food from outside may complicate the treatment of our patients and delay the recovery period. Therefore, please do not bring food or drink.
  • Children under 12 years of age have weaker immune system than adults, so do not bring them to the hospital and patient visits unless they are sick.
  • In our hospital, in accordance with the law numbered 4207; It is strictly forbidden for patients, companions and visitors to smoke.
  • Unnecessary and persistent visitation requests should not be made outside of visiting hours.
  • At the end of the visiting hour, patients should leave the rooms without waiting for the warnings of the staff.
  • Please do not sit on patient beds, and avoid touching the equipments found by patient beds and around the hospital premises.
  • Hands should be washed and disinfected before and after the visit.
  • Control of compliance with the principles of patient visits are carried out by; service workers, hospital entrance control services officer, security guard on duty and supervisors.

Do not forget that the interventions you make for good may harm your patient.

Act by thinking as if one day you will be hospitalized as a patient in the same hospital.

Please do not insist on patient visits in special cases that the doctor does not allow.

Keep your visit short for your patient's health.

Please follow the instructions of the staff for the health of your patient and other patients.

In order to maintain the hospital order, visitors are not accepted outside of these hours.

Thank you for your understanding.

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