Before Your Travel

Every passing day, many people prefer Turkey for treatment. But the idea of ​​traveling for treatment presents some challenges. Aware of this, Büyük Anadolu Hospitals are ready to make the travel process and treatment plan as easy as possible. Therefore, we have some suggestions on the subject:

  • You should make sure that your state of health is suitable for traveling abroad.
  • Make sure you plan the process with us before you leave your country.
  • Before you travel, take care to bring the necessary prescriptions or medicines and reports with you for treatment.
  • Complete all the procedures related to your passport.
  • Make sure that your personal information in your passport and ID matches the information on your ticket.
  • Keep your contact information and medical records in an easily accessible and secure place in your hand luggage or purse.
  • Perform the necessary transactions with your credit or debit card for your expenses in Turkey.

*If you have special requests for accommodation and sightseeing when you come to Turkey, you should notify these requests in advance. However, do not forget that your travel requests can be made according to your general health status and your doctor's approval, and these services are charged extra.

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