Satisfaction Process

We Value Your Opinions

To get the services you desire from our hospitals and to ensure your satisfaction;

  • We ask for the opinions and thoughts of all patients and their relatives who receive services from our outpatient clinics.
  • We evaluate all opinions with the relevant unit managers, work to increase our service quality in line with your demands, and carry out studies to find solutions to your problems.
  • We give feedback to the relevant person about the their decisions and results taken after the evaluation. Evaluating your suggestions contributes to the development of our hospitals. We take an immediate actions to eliminate your complaints and negative opinions.

To reach the highest quality services; we would be happy to receive your suggestions, requests and opinions.

The alternatives you may use your feedback;

  • You may send an e-mail to address,
  • You may fill out the questionnaires on the floors and waiting rooms of our clinics,
  • You may request a face-to-face meeting with the Patient Rights Unit or make a call.

While evaluating the complaints, we act according to the principles of patient rights and satisfaction. It is aimed to produce a solution in accordance with the quality standards as soon as possible by making all the necessary researches, and you will be contacted after the relevant negotiations.

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