Employee-Patient Health And Safety Policy

As Büyük Anadolu Hospitals, our goal in occupational health and safety services is to keep possible occupational accident risks under control, to ensure Patient and Employee Safety in all areas with the logic of safe hospitals, and to create a culture of occupational health and safety at every point of the institution with the participation of all our employees.

Our main goals in the process of achieving Occupational Health and Safety;

  • To comply with legal regulations and standards related to occupational health and safety,
  • To train and raise awareness of all our employees on occupational health and safety,
  • To ensure that our employees and our contracted foreign companies participate in the processes of complying with the occupational safety rules and articles taken by our institution,
  • To determine the factors that are seen as a risk in the working environment and to make them suitable for occupational safety,
  • To continuously improve the activities related to occupational health and safety by following scientific studies and technological developments,
  • It is to determine the hazards in advance and take precautions by making timely and accurate risk analyses.
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