Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission:

In order to continuously develop and improve with the aim of increasing the quality of life of our country and the people of the region;

• To provide preventive and curative health services with the highest quality that medicine has reached,

• To provide health services to all communities in need, under favourable economic conditions,

• To support the development of new knowledge and practices in all matters related to health,

• To support the teams consisting of physicians-health professionals-support services, whose human love is constantly increasing, who are devoted to their profession and who are highly qualified.

Our vision:

To be among the leading health groups not only in the region but also in Turkey, with Turkey's pioneering practices that provide quality health services and adopt a people-oriented approach. In addition, it is to be a health institution with competitive power and qualified equipment that provides medical diagnosis and treatment services at national standards and renews itself in accordance with the changing and developing conditions in the provision of services.

Our values:

• EXCELLENCE: Continuous improvement studies with quality awareness

• INNOVATION: To renew ourselves and be open to innovations by following all sectoral developments closely.

• DEVELOPMENT: To provide services based on continuous improvement and measurements, both in terms of quality and quantity.

• SOLUTION ORIENTED: Being a part of the solution, not the problem, as a team

• HONESTY: Adherence to medical ethical rules, transparency, sense of responsibility, and sensitivity are our sine qua non

• OPEN COMMUNICATION: Being available 24/7-365

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