As Büyük Anadolu Healthcare Group, we experience the happiness and pride of 26 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Our first service building, which was opened in Samsun on this road we started in 1997, is the first private hospital of Samsun in terms of private health services.

Keeping the satisfaction of our guests at the highest level in our hospitals for 26 years, solving all the health problems of those who apply to our hospital as soon as possible and reliably, meeting all relevant legal requirements, being the most respected and reliable hospital in our region, Our indispensable goals are to provide health services with our talented team, to closely follow the developments in science and technology, to provide a participatory management by valuing employees, to use resources in the most efficient and effective way, to respect the environment by making environmental impact assessments and to make continuous improvements.

By closely following the developing health services in our country and the increasing technological advances around the world, we continue to make breakthroughs in order to ensure pioneering use in our region and in our country, and we strive to provide full health services to all our clients 24/7.

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+90 535 491 45 56